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Business Opportunities for Aerial Photographers World Wide

Waite Air Photos Inc. (the parent company of Global Air Photos) is seeking aerial photographers to shoot stock images from anywhere in the world for placement on the Internet. Suppliers of images are given instruction from 'the ground up' with respect to camera equipment, settings, aircraft, and file storage. Photographers will be responsible for the purchase of their own high resolution camera and two or three lenses.

Photographers would provide Waite Air Photos Inc. with digital images along with information sheets which would include the name of the City/Province/State/Country (eg. Richmond, BC, CA), Flight Date (eg. 10 March 2011), and Description (eg. Richmond Square Shopping Centre, View North, Westminster Hwy/No. 3 Rd).

The costs incurred in aircraft, cataloguing and mailing will be the responsibility of the photographer.

Waite Air Photos Inc. will place the images on the Internet and market those images to land developers and sellers of industrial properties. Waite Air Photos Inc. agrees to pay royalties as per a signed contract.

Waite Air Photos Inc. is anxious to locate photographers for eastern Canada and the United States.

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